Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Support for Citrix Secure Gateway


We currently run Citrix PS 4.0. Due to support running out at the end of this year we have been looking at upgrading to XenApp and have run into confusion over whether Citrix Secure Gateway is still supported or if we need to switch to using Access Gateways. It seems that the general confusion about support for SG is fairly widespread, perhaps because Citrix really want customers to start using Access Gateways. Anyway, we did not need all the benefits that AGs have over SGs so through our helpful support people we put the question to our Citrix account manager. It took a while to get an answer (the confusion does not seem to be limited to customers), but the good news is that Secure Gateway support is directly linked to support for XenApp. Therefore SG 3.1 will be supported as long as XenApp 5.0 is supported. The following Citrix article explains a little more:
Although this article is 3 years old we are told by Citrix that it is still valid.

With this info we can get on with our XenApp upgrade!

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