Thursday, 26 February 2009

Exchange 2007 SP1 RU5 - IMAP Error 4999


Like many other people we have been suffering from our Exchange 2007 SP1 RU5 IMAP service constantly falling over with the following error:

Watson report about to be sent to dw20.exe for process id: 6848, with parameters: E12, c-RTL-AMD64, 08.01.0336.000, M.E.Imap4, M.E.D.Common, M.E.D.G.OutboundCodePageDetector.AddText, System.ArgumentNullException, 3e79, 08.01.0336.000. ErrorReportingEnabled: False

The good news is that we have put a stop to this by isolating it to a specific user.

There are many records online about this being a known issue, which it seems is indeed the case and we have received the fix from Microsoft (which we intend to try on the 27/02) - KB960292. I will post how this goes. The problem relates to a null ID being presented during login that the IMAP service should ignore, but it fails instead.

Anyway, what I wanted to share is that we have isolated this issue to the Sea Monkey 1.1.14 client. All three installations we know of are causing this issue and we have worked around it temporarily by preventing the users from logging in using IMAP (they are using OWA temporarily instead).

Good luck if you are experiencing this problem.


Friday, 13 February 2009

Increasing Redirect to Voicemail Timeout on O2

When I received by lovely new HTC Touch HD I found I kept missing calls as there was a slight delay between the caller calling and the phone starting to make a sound. I contacted O2 and they told me to run the following command :


?? is the delay you want in increments of 5 up to 30. I went for:


Works a treat.

I hope this saves someone a bit of time.