Friday, 13 June 2008

Using the Safari Browser with the Citrix Web Interface 4.0

Citrix provide a very helpful article at describing how to customise the Citrix Web Interface 4.0. to support the Mac client on Safari. This works well, but it is not the whole job as when the user logs off and back on again, they will find their client is set back to Java. It also does not present the user client installation prompts in the message centre until they are logged on.

It is fortunately very simple to complete the job. Follow the steps in the Citrix article and then do exactly the same for the following files in the auth folder as you did for the same named files in the site folder: include.cs, embed.cs, install.cs.

Works a treat. Obviously all changes should be tested in a dev environment first and don't forget to read Citrix's disclaimer on the webpage linked above.