Tuesday, 15 January 2008

ISA 2006 Custom Login Page

I have a couple of custom login pages on ISA 2006 to fit with company branding. This all works well with one problem. When a user enters an incorrect username or password, every now and again the user is dropped back to the default ISA login page. This does not break anything and the user can carry on to login ok, but it looks a bit daft and is very confusing for the end user. I may well be logging this with Microsoft, but I would rather not as it seems like an issue that Microsoft are going to want a lot of information on and because it is very intermittent it could take a lot of time (of which I don't have much). If anyone has found a work around/fix for this I would love to know. Please post to this blog entry. I'll keep it updated if I get anywhere with it.