Monday, 31 March 2008

SPSS and Appsense Environment Manager

I am having trouble with SPSS 15 running on Citrix Presentation servers which also has Appsense Environment Manager running. Basically, Environment Manager kills the SPSS processor. I can reproduce this consistently and fix the problem by either disengaging the EM process, removing the EM DLLs or simply removing any applied EM policies.

I have had a call open with Appsense about this for a few weeks. The only suggestion they have made so far is to upgrade to the most recent version. I did this (7.2.227), but it made no difference.

Currently I am trying SPSS 16.0, but not having much luck as our license for SPSS 16.0 is not authorised for use on a terminal server......... Hopefully I will have a call from SPSS soon to establish how I can run this test.

Has anyone seen this issue?

I will keep this post updated, but it looks like we are going to have to switch of Environment Manager on our Citrix servers and live without the good things that it does.

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Rob Head said...

Fixed in a subsequent release of Env Manager.