Tuesday, 15 January 2008

ISA 2006 Custom Login Page

I have a couple of custom login pages on ISA 2006 to fit with company branding. This all works well with one problem. When a user enters an incorrect username or password, every now and again the user is dropped back to the default ISA login page. This does not break anything and the user can carry on to login ok, but it looks a bit daft and is very confusing for the end user. I may well be logging this with Microsoft, but I would rather not as it seems like an issue that Microsoft are going to want a lot of information on and because it is very intermittent it could take a lot of time (of which I don't have much). If anyone has found a work around/fix for this I would love to know. Please post to this blog entry. I'll keep it updated if I get anywhere with it.


Jason Jones said...

Rather than editing the core HTML, if you just make the necessary changes in the 'logon_style.css' file; this will apply the style to all pages including those that appear when you might not expect it!

A simple change of lgntop.gif, lgnbottom.gif and logon_style.css files is normally enough to brand all forms in one go. You can then create different folders for each brand which contains the same CSS files but modified images.

The you can have a play with the string.txt files to add customised text for the icing on the cake!

Hope this helps...



Anonymous said...

I have created a tool that a lot of ISA/TMG users will like.
It is a Simple tool to edit the Forms Based Authentication page and make it different than what's default.
During my work as a consultant I noticed that a lot of companies want to have their own custom branded FBA page.
But for quite a few people the step by going to edit the plain HTM files and making sure they don't break the FBA page is too big. So therefore I created this tool.

In this version 1.0 I have the functionality to change the following options.

1.Change the text variables
2.Alter the Font that is used
3.Replace the images used on the page
Option 1 will allow you to change the text in every language that ISA or TMG supports

Option 2 will allow you to select your corporate Font.

Option 3 will allow you to change the pictures like inserting your own company logo.

You can download the fba editor at my company Blog page http://blogs.platani.nl/tools/FBAEditor.exe
And here is my demo published on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7K044RSeKM