Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Sharepoint 2007 - Problem with Profile synchronisation and My Sharepoint Sites

We have another issue with Sharepoint 2007 in which one site collection and all of its subsites are not appearing in our My Sharepoint Sites list. I have run through all the basic tests and ensured that the right people are in the Site Members list and have even recreated the Site groups and added the members back in, but nothing works. More than this though, it seems that none of the profile synchonisation (a Sharepoint timer job) is being run against this site collection as any changes to users profiles from MySites/Profiles/directly on the SSP are not reflected in the people and groups pages on the problem site collection. For example if I delete my profile picture i.e.

This change is reflected everywhere but this site collection where it still attempts to reference it:

I used Quest Recovery Manager to restore this site collection so currently have an open call with them and depending on how things go will also open a call with Microsoft to see if they can offer a fix for this.

Any ideas or feedback greatly appreciated. As always I will update this post when I have a fix/workaround.


Anonymous said...

Hi, we have had the same problem. Have you tried adding the user to the SharePoint members group on that site. If you do, they will then have the up to date list of SharePoint shortcuts.

Rob Head said...

Yeah, thats the first thing we checked. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

I have been bad at keeping this post up-to-date. Quest accepted responsibility for the issue, gave us a custom fix and patched the bug in their next release so time ago. It was basically down to Quest Recovery Manager having not written a couple of entries to a table.