Thursday, 24 May 2007

Multiple Languages/Invalid Characters in RSOP of Windows 2003

When you run RSOP on Windows 2003 SP1/SP2 and you have Group Policies that modify the Error Reporting settings, you may notice that under Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\ there are a lot of random languages that appear to be related to Application Error Reporting.

This is caused by RSOP quering the applicable settings for Application Error Reporting in local ADMs. All local ADMs named AER_xxxx.adm in the %Systemroot%\INF folder are parsed to see if there is a match for the error reporting policy setting. If there are multiple AER_xxxx.adm files that match the error reporting policy, they are all displayed in the RSOP result. These ADM files are installed by .Net Framwork 2.0. as Microsoft have not released language specific versions of .Net 2.0.

This is not by design, but there is no current fix.

To workaround this issue you can either happily ignore it, or on the machine where RSOP mmc is being run (this does not need doing on all machines if you query them from a central server) have a look in the %Systemroot%\INF for any ADM files that begin with AER_xxxx.

If you find multipleAER_xxxx.adm files, then (after backing them up) remove all but the AER_1033.adm (English).

Run Rsop again.


chris J said...


I also work in a large institution after i install windows XP SP3 with .Net framework 2.0 i get the same problem. Have you found a better fix than deleting the adm files???

Chris J

Rob Head said...

I'm afraid not. To be honest I've not looked at solving this since this post and have just been ignoring it.